Business Market Place

Business Market Place

It’s a place where buyers and sellers come to accomplish their specific requirements.

Buyer side is interesting to explore.

Buyer can purchase, check, send product & services from endless listing categories which is made up for all kinds of individuals.

Get a real quote price when buyers request quotations for products or services.

When business occupies you in any personal and professional commitments. Kanexy provides the features of book appointments.

Seller side is beneficial for the economy and the country's sustainability as well.

List your business: at Kanexy MarketPlace space for more customer reach.

Sell online: Kanexy marketplaces where any seller can register their business start showcasing their product & services.

Sell in store: Sell offline is not going anywhere but sellers need to increase new ways of selling.

Kanexy gives Merchant account, eCOM systems, Card Machines and K-Card options to instore shops.

Receive Leads: Don’t run for customers, they are coming at your door by Market Place.


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