Collection & Pay-outs

Extend Kanexy Payments to Your Collection & Pay-outs

The Complete Accounts Collections & Pay-outs interface

We combine all your accounts receivable and collections data, analytics, communications, and predictions to simplify the collections process, cut down your manual work, and turn your outstanding Accounts Receivables & payable into cash.



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Key Features

Think Strategically, Act Efficiently

Make smart decisions with simple, elegant displays and straightforward dashboards. Whether you need data for the boardroom, day-to-day AR management, or an AR specialist, YayPay gives you time to plan and information to act.

Predictive Analysis: See The Problems And Opportunities Ahead

We combine comprehensive reporting with our Smart AR predictive algorithms to provide insight into future payor behavior and how it impacts your cash flow. This means you can head off payment problems before they arise and plan intelligently for the future.

Turn Customer Data Into Actionable Insight

Now you have one place for all your customer intelligence, in a clear, easy-to-use format. We combine data from your ERP, your CRM, and other data sources, and it’s all updated in real time. You’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Automated Communications: Improved Interactions, Increased Collections, Enthusiastic Customers

We automate manual accounts receivable collections communications, such as payment reminders, invoicing, and internal escalations, so you can increase productivity without increasing resources. And improved communications lead to faster payments - and happier customers.

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