Exploreour Ecosystem

Explore our Ecosystem

Kanexy Ecosystem is Amalgamation of Banking, Transacting, Accounting, Walletising in other words

Kanexy is one environment where no person and business need to think about a second option to fulfill their needs.

One Banking-Business Solution Stop for Personal and Merchant passengers.

Ecosystem Opportunities

1. Cards Corporate Expense cards, Merchant cards, Kanexy employee cards

2. Merchant Accounts Merchant Business Account, Single Merchant Account

3. Banking Personal Banking, Business Banking

4. Sales Invoicing Business Invoices (Receive and Send), bidirectional Invoice payments

5. HR-Payroll Accounting Only business idea, you needed. We give you an HR-Payroll and Accounting Software System.

6. CxRM and All way Marketing Multi CRM options for different client needs with Umbrella software. Marketing facilities Digital Marketing and email marketing for online reputation and lead generation.

7. Pay and Receive Pay and Receive money in any form from anywhere in the world with Kanexy.

8. Wallets Fiat currency (issued by registered bank) and non Fiat currency- Commodities- Reserve-Getting valued with passing time (Wine, Gold, Silver, other metals and ).

Kanexy App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated