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Joint Accounts are extraordinary for couples or old buddies who share monetary responsibilities now and again. Oversee aggregate family expenses like bills and lease or put something aside for something important – anyway you want to utilize it, our shared service is intended to improve on shared spending.

However long you've both got a Kanexy personal account, you can set it up together in-application, at that point once you're all set, you'll both have the option to add cash to your joint account, spend whatever's in it and utilize the application's highlights to follow along.

Not certain if a joint personal account is ideal for you? Our Connected card may be exactly what you need. It's an additional bank card that you can provide for somebody you trust so they can shop for your benefit. You'll remain in charge with the capacity to top up, track and cap spending.

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  • Keep screens/options, together
  • Check your financial monthly
  • Manage household expenses
  • Saving hand in hand during expenses

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