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Multi currency accounts for all businesses

At the point when your business goes global, your banking ought to, as well. Installments in pesos, returns in rupees; things can get confused – however not with Kanexy's multi-currency business accounts.

Deal with numerous monetary forms for your business with Britain's Best Bank 2020. Need to change over back to pounds? Not an issue – do exactly that at a genuine swapping scale, with a 0.4% change charge added on top.


Euros Currency Account

For entrepreneurs with ties to the continent, there’s Kanexy’s business euro bank account. Hold, send and receive euro payments, all just for a nominal amount .

Why it’s Awesome

  • No account fees to open Euro Currency Account
  • Transfer your money even on the weekends i.e. transfer between GBP account and Euro Currency Account.
  • Manage only one Kanexy card to handle multi currency transactions i.e. GBP and Euro
  • We give full Security on Euro Currency accounts deposits upto £85,000 or equivalent by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

US dollars Account

If you need a dollar, dollar, and a dollar is all you need – good news. For just £5 a month, manage your business banking with Kanexy’s US dollar account.

Why each business should have

  • It will save your time when you want to stay top in business.
  • Use our USD currency account; you can transfer money in weekend as well
  • Only one kanexy business card or account for multi currency trade in any other currency and country.
  • We give security to your business on deposits upto £85,000 or equivalent by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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