OCR Automation

OCR- Optical character Recognizer Automation

Kanexy Provides OCR devices to minimize your time in feeding the sales and purchase data.

Just attach Kanexy OCR device and software in your sales and purchase software.

Then click, wait for a second and get the full receipt. Isn’t it fast?

OCR enables businesses to automate a greater volume of their operational business processes, especially those that depend heavily on scanned paperwork such as customer-completed forms.


Why every business needs OCR device and Software

Easy Access

Businesses that use OCR increase convenience of information for customers using their systems. Because documents are text-searchable with OCR processing, individuals can use their personal information to access pertinent information.

Save Your Time

As contrasting to traditional systems, OCR devices improve user experience by the abolition of manual information from businesses and associations. Admitting a digital file is much sooner than trying to locate one paper document in a heap of other dissimilar documents.

Improved Customer Service

OCR software and devices hugely perk up your customer services. Customer support mediators can access information instantly even as they obtain incoming calls. OCR allows customer support agents to give clients an inclusive dilapidated when they describe or email to make investigation. Information and data stored in digital form is simple to access, boosting the overall customer experience.

Data Usability and Conversion

Your documents & data can easily be edited, scanned, entered with OCR. Moreover, using OCR you can with no trouble translate any files to any changeable digital format like MS Word. OCR lets you duplicate and paste from the text itself whether that’s in PDF or MS Word format.

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