Payment Link

Easy and instant payments without bank account details.

Easy Steps to include payment link

Step 1 - Create a Payout Link via API or Dashboard.

Step 2 - Share the Payout Link over SMS, Email etc.

Step 3 - Beneficiary enters preferred bank account / other payment way.

Step 4 - Payout instantly processed to the beneficiary account.

Why Payment Links

Making payments when you don’t have bank account details can be a difficult, time-wasting process. Here’s how Kanexy Payment Links can benefit your business with a frictionless payment experience.

  • Make instant payments links to handle payout from other than bank accounts.
  • Automatic retry of transactions to ensure a higher success rate.
  • Payment confirmation notification with specific number for customers.
  • Create hundreds of Payment Links using Bulk Payment Links.

Kanexy Payment Links is built for businesses like you


Make vendor transactions and transfer instant payback to customers.

Rental Business

Process Security Deposit Refunds for all rental businesses like car, housing, furniture and appliances or anything you want to rent out.

Online Gaming

Any other payment to the customer in the form of cashbacks and winnings can also be paid out speedily.

Kanexy App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated