Personal Account

Personal Account i.e. redesigned, reimagined as per your need and desired features. Get your personalized account with our world’s Best Mobile Banking App- Kanexy App.


Extraordinary Account Features

Go Online- Get everything you need to do in a branch- on your mobile

Fast & Free Access- No charge applied why accessing Kanexy app

Finance Management- Made money management easy and AI based tools to budget your personal economy

365/24/7 Support- No holiday when we talk to our customer for their queries


Specialities suits for an extraordinary Account

Instantaneous Notifications- Get on-time notification by SMS and Email

Categorised Spending summary- When and where money is going or coming

Spaces- Keep money aside in virtual personal banks to save money for rainy days.

Financial Products in one go- Get each kind of financial products like mortgage, insurance and pension via our Market Place option

New Modern way to Pay- Settle Up IOUs with an easy payment link, send money to nearby kanexy customers or split bills with a tap.


Banking, But Stress Free

Seamless switching- Move all your finances over to Kanexy in a few taps by using the Current Account Switch Service (CASS)

Lock your card with a tap- Lock your card using app through just tap

No Fees Overseas- Use both your card and ATMs freely when you travel, with no extra charges from us.

Become your admin in the app- Change your address, Cancel your card, do more thing

Send Money Overseas- With no hidden charges, send money globally

Borrowing Reimagined- Personal loans for Personal accounts are fairly priced and easily managed from your mobile.

Kanexy App

Banking To Accounting Simplified, Integrated, Automated