Real Time Alerts

Get Real time and Instant notifications

Add a real-time notification system to any business so users can get real time messages and notifications directly on your system as they ensue. This facilitates to augment user commitment and keep users with your business.

Get Real time Alerts of each Transaction

Whenever transaction activities get done from any side, real time transaction message will be sent on mobile and email id; provided at the time of registration.

Get Fraud Alerts

When any non relevant person tries to perform a transaction from your cards, using online banking from your behalf, you will get an instant message, you can perform instant card block or any other blockage of services from Kanexy Mobile App.

Get Money Receive Alerts

When a person or customer sends or pays you money, you will get instant notifications.

Get offer Alerts

Bank’s lucrative offers alerts can be received, that can be interesting for you.

Bank's alerts can give you some long-awaited relief that was expected from your side.

Kanexy App

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