Sell Instore

When any business joins Kanexy for their offline selling business.

Sell instore couldn’t be more interesting earlier.
Proving you ePOS Machine with Kanexy card.
Instore sell is all time tradition, Not going anywhere.

We provide:
  • Merchant Account with personal account money transfer
  • EPOS Machine
  • Card Machine
  • Invoicing software linked to Merchant Account
  • Business Cards

Create marketplace online for your product and services. We provide you a separate space where you can give creativity and differentiation to your shop. Sell instore feature gives you leverage to not go anywhere, just showcase your shop, product, service features to customer or new user.

Feature gives a different mindset to your client’s base
  • Showcase unlimited product and services options.
  • Customization option as per latest trend’s need.
  • Sell instore with easy payment receive option to not miss out on payments
  • Card machine to get payment from any type of card.
  • Merchant account Features
  • Free business registration

Kanexy App

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