Staff Management & Payroll

Trouble-free Staff Management and Payroll System

Supervise payroll in just few seconds


The scuttle payroll wizard in Kanexy software ensures that you run your payroll in few steps and pay correct salaries and taxes.


The payroll system syncs with your biometric devices/attendance devices and captures attendance, overtime, and leaves in current time for payroll management.


Rapidly check the salary descriptions including pay slips and verify the calculations before confirming the payroll.


Once you authenticate payroll, salary slips are automatically generated in the payroll system and employees can check them from the mobile app.


Pay salaries and expense compensations to your employees using the ready to upload statements specified by your bank.


Automatic full and final settlement reports assist you to swiftly craft final payments to employees when they leave.

Delight your employees with online self-service app

Pay Slips & Reports

Your employees will love the anytime, anywhere access to pay slips, salary statements, flexi benefits reports, Form P 60 and other useful reports. Data of past years too can be made available for viewing by the employees.

Leave & Expense Management

The Kanexy app will assist employees and managers to team up and handle leave and expense claims and approvals better. Employees can track and present online leave and expenditure claims and managers get instant notice of the same for approvals.

Better Personal Tax Planning

The inbuilt tax planner lists all deductions available in tidily clustered lists to allow employees to be conscious of all tax saving avenues and make their declarations. A report on how the tax is computed with various deductions considered helps employees to be in full control on their taxes

Complete Employee Data

Employees obtain to see particulars of their report including information of their managers, salary hikes, National Insurance & Pension Fund nominations, etc. and any details & data which the company maintains like assets given, offer letter, experience letters, etc. based on the access rights set up by the HR.

Other important things that you think about

MIS Reports

Make well-versed upshots with reports on abrasion, increments, attendance, leaves, transfers, loans, birthdays, expenses, etc.

Shift Management

Generate and administer several shifts and attendance policies. Employees and managers can even make online shift/time stamp change requests and approvals.

Flexible Benefits Plan

Facilitate employees to decide their remunerations from their silo of allowances and submit claims and provide proofs for online approvals.

Role Based User Profiles

Form role based logins in payroll system for your HR, auditor, managers, etc. and let them see only information that’s important for them.

Kanexy App

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